Why Fettle Will Help You Achieve Your Optimal Level of Fitness

We want you to realize all the important possibilities of your life!

Many people have tried (and failed) to define fitness. Some will tell you it is the sum of a variety of qualities from coordination to agility, to strength and power. Others will tell you that it’s optimal nutrition combined with regular exercise to produce optimal health.

The problem is, health is simply the absence of disease. Is it even possible to be healthy and a little overweight?

It’s complicated.

We know that weight loss is more than just a number, it’s a big change. You’re a human being, you’ve got needs, you’ve got desires, you’ve got passions, a job, friends, family, maybe kids and a whole lot of other stuff on your plate.

You don’t have time to commit 172 hours a week to eating right and exercising regularly.

We get that.

In the 6+ years we’ve been doing this, we can honestly say that fitness can’t be defined, because it’s unique to everybody. Until you understand that, it feels like your a hamster running on a wheel and sooner or later you’re gonna get tired and have to hop off.

This is why most people fail, it’s a lack of understanding what fitness really means to them and having a real, viable plan to solve the problem of fitting it into your lifestyle.

Why do we exist?

It’s to help you discover what fitness means to you. We help you discover a purpose for it, in your every day life. We help people discover the optimal state of well-being for you as an individual. We take you through a fitness process, that helps you perform better in all the other important realms of your life.

Here’s the thing:

We know what you’re going to ask.

“What do I have to do to get fit?”

It’s the first thing everyone asks, but it’s the wrong place to start. You need to ask the right questions, first.

“Why should I become more fit, than I am now?”

That’s where we come in. We don’t just tell you what to do, we show you why, then we tell you how, long before you even get to the specifics of what. What, is irrelevant without why.

Ok Why?

Getting started with fitness right now, will enhance something in your life (we know it will) that is vitally important to you as a person. It aligns with your identity, your life’s purpose, your values, your mission and your principles.

We can’t tell you exactly why that is without meeting you first, but we know it exists.

We have ways of making you talk!

Seriously though, why is a process, the beginning of a journey. You’re only just beginning.

I Think I’m Ready For How

Maybe you are, maybe you aren’t, but we’ll get you there. Once you’re there we focus on this:

After why, this is where you start.

Notice anything different here?

We don’t just show you how to move well or eat right, we tie it into a base of support, your mind. We focus on the whole picture.

By enabling you to operate from the optimal state of mind first, we make movement and nutrition skills much easier to acquire and develop. This lets us take you to the next level, by identifying the behaviors or habits you’ll need to develop, in order to take things to the next level.

We work with you to develop strategies that overcome the most vital, and impactful behaviors or habits. We empower you with the skill-set you’ll need to achieve your desired result. You’ll learn how to move optimally and eat optimally to maintain your result too.

Only then can we tell you ‘what to do.’

Success is achieved through small, actionable steps and lots of feedback.

How can you enhance your quality of life today?

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