UPDATE, March 9th, 2014: You haven’t missed anything yet, I just bit off more than I could chew and for that I’m sorry. This program has been on the table for almost 2 years as we worked on developing the software and testing it with friends. Unfortunately at this time The Art of Weight Loss Body Transformation Contest has morphed into something new, Fitnack.com.

The grand idea behind my original quest was to create a grandiose fitness and nutrition program with daily lessons, a full workout program and a full nutrition program. Through the process of development it became painfully obvious that:

A) My natural perfectionist tendencies have tied up the project for far too long and I need to simplify the project.

B) We need to do more testing of the software and the existing before launching a contest oriented program sometime in the future.

The waiting list here will remain open for now but we will gradually be moving everyone over to the Fitnack App system and at this time there will be no cash prizes (though we hope to offer something like that soon).

You’re under no obligation, but the waiting list gets first dibs on the limited 100 spots in the program. 

Want to do it with a friend? Social Support is a powerful motivator, you can push each other along towards the $5000, maybe you’ll even want to split it? Feel free to now share an invite to this exclusive list…

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Six Months.

Expert Daily Coaching.

One Hundred Clients.

$5,000 on the line.

Beginning in 2012, Fettle is launching Koachable, a revolutionary web application that enables an in-depth online coaching experience.

To celebrate, we’re eating our own dog food and launching something we’ve been secretly planning since 2009…


  • Tired of lame, hard to follow diets?
  • Tired of counting calories?
  • Tired of some get ripped quick scheme that never works?
  • Want to win some ‘moolah‘ for the body you always wanted?


Coaching Program


Join us and an extraordinary group of men and women who are committed to getting massive physical results in their personal well-being, as we set a new precedent in fitness and make history in 2012.

We took everything that we know about coaching beginners, gym novices and people who have repeatedly struggled with weight loss and condensed it into a 6 month totally online coaching program.

The best part?

Besides the $5000 grand-prize for the more impressive transformation?

You’ll walk away with something, you can’t put a price on:

A New You…

What You’ll Get

 Daily coaching and supervision by a World-class Fitness Coach (me)

√ 24/7 Access to expert coaching for your every need (mostly me)

 24/7 Access to a Private Website built just for this group

 Cutting Edge Fitness Program (including exercise photos and video)

√ Fully detailed Nutrition Instruction and Program 

Full tracking system, fool-proofing your progress

 Private Support Forum for you and your peers (new mentors!)

Exclusive Access to all our upcoming coaching programs 

 A HUGE discount off our 2013 price (it’s the least we can do…)

Complete Access to our Proprietary Coaching Software

A shot at the ‘$5,000 Grand Prize for the best transformation

 Guaranteed Results: Get Fit or Get the Program ‘Free’

Don’t Wait – We’re only going to take 100 people, when those spots are gone, they’re gone.

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What Is This Thing?

The evolution of fitness coaching.

That’s what!

Counting calories works, for a little while…

Bustin’ your ass at the gym 8 days a week works, for a little while…

Eating rabbit food and taking the joy out of your life works, for a little while…

Believe us, we’ve coached hundreds of people and we’ve tried everything, but these methods DON’T LAST.

This kind of irks us the wrong way, and we hope it irks you the wrong way.

So we asked ourselves…

How can we use technology to help us get our clients better results?

How can we fill the gaps provided by traditional nutrition and fitness programs?

How can we help more people get the results they are looking for, and keep them long-term?

What did we discover?

It’s not the time you spend working with your trainer or nutritionist that makes all the difference.

It’s the action you take on your own, the other 23 hours in a day, the other 165 hours in a week.

It’s making simple consistent changes with the help of a mentor and coach who can touch base with you daily, not weekly, and certainly not (gasp!) monthly.

How do we do that?

Easy…move that part online and have you focus on the process every single day of the week.

Got a question that needs answered right now about this particular food or that particular exercise?


Koachable is the tool that allows us to check in with you daily, actually we become accessible to you too, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It allows us to focus on what really matters, and gives you the help you need ASAP.

We deliver daily lessons, teaching you step-by-step, everything we’ve learned in our considerable experience about what really works.

Then you practice in repetition, everything you need to know, until it becomes ingrained in your emotional being (not really…) and you shed all the fat you’ve had trouble losing.


…and it doesn’t hurt that you end up with the consistant motivation to win a whopping five grand by the end of it all!

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This Coaching Program is PERFECT For You If:

You’re between 18 and 65 years old

You’ve got some fat you want to lose

 You’re looking to get ‘Fit as a Fettle’ (lean, healthy, injury-free and strong)

 You’re at the end of your rope with other methods you’ve tried in the past…

 You’re open minded about trying new but honestly successful fat loss methods

 You’re committed to making lasting changes to your health and fitness

 You’re a respectful, honest, open and pleasant person to be around

This Coaching Program is NOT Right For You If:

X You’re a skinny guy or girl looking to build muscle (We’re working on that program…)

X You can’t keep commitments or follow through honoring your word

You’re a bodybuilder, fitness competitor/model, or an advanced level trainee with low levels of body fat already

X You’re an athlete looking to improve your performance (This is in the works too…)

X You are unwilling to change your eating or participate in moderate physical exercise

You are close-minded, negative, disruptive and unpleasant to be around

The Art of Weight Loss Coaching Program Provides:

  • A uniquely designed nutrition, and fitness coaching program created to ensure you reach your physical goals.
  • Ongoing clarity, accountability and specific feedback throughout the ENTIRE coaching process.
  • Private videos, coaching forums, presentations, audio recordings, webinars, and group hangouts.
  • Unparalleled access, connections and support through a group of like-minded individuals, all with the same unwavering levels of commitment you have.

Oh Yeah? But What Does It Cost?

We’ll be transparent, we’re not going to scam you, actually it’s WAY cheaper than using our one-on-one services and we’re not convinced it’s any less effective.

You Commit to Stick With It For 6 Months Time and It’s:

$99 down, $99 per month

$49 down, $49 per month

Why such a discount?

It’s totally new, we know that, so we wanted to offer the first 100 people through the door a special discount.

Somebody had to be the first person on earth to grind up the coffee bean and brew it with hot water.

Somebody had to be the first person to get in a boat, sail across the ocean and prey they didn’t sink.

Somebody had to be the first person on the moon.

We Want People Who Want to Be First

Don’t Forget…

The AofWL Program Includes:


Daily Coaching with fitness coach Darren Beattie. As a member you will get daily strategic advice, direct coaching feedback and exercises designed personally for you. ($8,000 value)


Complete Six-Month Fitness Program designed by Darren. ($1,000 value)


Private Discussion Forum for daily coaching interaction with Darren and all the other members so you can ask questions, get feedback, share resources and more…  ($900 value)


Professional Nutrition Program to improve your chances of success, your markers of health, and your knowledge base. Learn ninja nutrition skills… ($900 value)


50% Discount on all future online coaching services. You’ll have an exclusive opportunity to sign up for our intermediate and advanced level programs at the same discount for life, just give us the secret password… (Priceless!)


Exclusive access to webinars, ebooks, videos, and coaching calls. Learn how to take your physical fitness to the next level and catapult your results to top physical form. ($900 value)


A chance to win $5000! Oh…and a ton of braggin’ rights to friends and family. ($5,000 value)


Total Program Value: $16,700

Total Program Investment:

$49 down, $49 a month (for 6 months…)

* By signing up for the waiting list you are under no financial obligation to the program.

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What Makes Us Different

If you’ve been following our blog, The Art of Weight Loss, have joined us on our social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Google+) or come out to one of our events, you know we think a bit ‘differently.

We believe it’s mostly in the best interest of the fitness and diet industry to keep you yo-yo dieting.

We believe that fitness should yield long-lasting results, and loyalty from clients can only be achieved when those clients get those results.

We believe you deserve the best coaching and learning opportunity available anywhere.

We believe that you’ve come here looking for the honest truth.

So here’s the truth:

Developing the right mindset, in conjunction with appropriate eating and effective training strategies yields the best results you’ll ever get. 

However, understand that information alone won’t lead to success.

There is one lesson we can give you for free, even before the program starts, that if you learn and accept, will completely change your life…

…here’s the lesson, are you ready?

The most successful people in every endeavor take action via mentorship and support.

Quote us on it.

Write that down.


…because all the knowledge and information in the world doesn’t mean anything if you can’t apply it.

People who get involved, have access to experienced mentors (or coaches!) and are surrounded by driven peers fair better in a weight loss process than those who don’t.

By a long shot.

In fact, a Study by IDEA in 2007, showed that 80% of people in gyms were not getting the results they wanted, but of the 20% that were, over 80% of those people were working with a coach or mentor.

The last 20% getting results, well it didn’t say what they were doing, but we’d be willing to bet that they were probably regularly attending some kind of group class setting for social support at least.

There are a bunch of reasons why mentorship and social support work, including:

  1. Social validation
  2. Accountability to a cause greater than yourself
  3. The evolution of trust
  4. The wisdom of crowds
  5. Constructive competition and cooperation
  6. Role modelling (yep just like when you were a kid…)
  7. Social acceptance
  8. Commonality in threat to the group (weight gain or stagnant progress)

Long story short, people with mentors and social support figure things out more quickly, with fewer road blocks, and are pushed to succeed by those around them reaching for a common goal.

It’s a formula for success, but it works especially well in fitness and nutrition.

That’s why it’s the focal point of our program.

Don’t believe us?

Why else do you think we spent 3 years building the software?

Even if you choose not to sign-up for this particular program (and we definitely think you should!) the morale of all of this is:

If you don’t already have a coach or mentor FIND ONE IMMEDIATELY.

The Head Coach and Founder

I’ve been giddy with excitement for this launch going on 3 years, we’re inching closer and closer each day, if I didn’t think this would revolutionize coaching and help a ton of people reach their physical potential, I would never have persisted in developing this service for you all.

I wield more than just sticks, but an intense passion and knowledge for coaching and fitness alike.

I think this may just be the first fitness experience you have that blows your mind.

See my full bio here.

~ Darren Beattie, CSEP-CPT

The $5,000!

Alright, now here’s something we think you’re going to like even more than anything else we’ve mentioned thus far.

What other weight loss program can you sign-up for that might pay for itself, and an nice vacation when it’s all said and done?

Well you gotta put your money where you’re mouth is sometimes, to take a run at the cake.

Which means you’re eventually going to have to have a stake in this, $49 a month for a shot at $5000, not bad right?

Well that’ll be up to your peers, it’ll also be up to your involvement in the program, with other members and sure the buck stops with us, but the outcome of this contest will most likely be determined by your peers and your level of effort.

O.K. seriously, what will the criteria be?

  • Great Visual Transformation: how do people react to the visual results you got using our program?
  • Great Story: Something inspiring that brought you here and helped you succeed?
  • Great Client: Are you receptive to the program and respectful of us and your peers?
  • Great Contributor: Were you involved heavily over the course of the program? Pitching in?

We’ll bring the $5000 to the table, you bring a great attitude, and you’ll stand a good shot.

Actually bring a healthy attitude and you’ll win something even more valuable than $5000…

The body you want, a positive outlook on life and strong sense of purpose and direction.

How to be a Part of of the AofWL Coaching Program

To be part of this program, you need to register for a spot after registration opens later in 2012. Registration will be open for 2 weeks or until all 100 spots are gone, whichever comes first. Judging by the size of our waiting list now, it might be a tight squeeze but we want you to get in, so don’t wait, get priority by being on the wait list.

This may be the only time you can sign up for this program until 2013 and we’re anticipating that all 100 spots will sell out in a few days time.

The registration process for now itself is simple:

  1. Input your Email Address into any of of the sign-up sheets above or below.
  2. You’ll receive an email confirming you signed up for the waiting list.
  3. A least a couple weeks out from launch we’ll send you some free stuff just because we like you.
  4. You’ll get an email offering exclusive access to the training program, well before we publicly launch our open registration. 
  5. Easily sign-up for the payment plan via PayPal (no hidden fees)
  6. Get an email confirming payment and inviting you to the private website we’ve built for you.
  7. Program launches, make sure you log in each day.

Our Guarantee

By the end of the program you’ll be in the best shape of your life — or the program is 100% free.

Apparently we’re one of the few who believe that if you invest in professional coaching — and you do what we ask you to do — that you should get the results you want.

If you don’t, then you shouldn’t have to pay for the service, and it should teach us a valuable lesson about how to be a better fitness company.

We stand by our work and are completely confident that the Art of Weight Loss coaching program will work wonders and you should be too.

Specifically, do what your coach asks you to do at least 80% of the time and you’ll get these kind of results or your money back.

Is there any catch?


You actually have to do what we ask of you!

If you fail to participate, miss assignments, ignore the nutrition plan, forget all your workouts and action tasks, we will not only NOT give your money back, we will give it to the winner of the $5000!

Please keep in mind, that there are only 100 spots, so if you are not prepared to commit to the program at the time of launch, that is one spot that we feel will go to waste.

What Are you Waiting For?

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