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In the last few months I’ve been getting more and more inquiries into the blog and my business.

Here is a run-down of how I do business and what the informal deal is with my blog. [toc]



I honestly hope that I have positioned myself as somewhat of an expert on the topics of fitness and health.

If you need a quote, are looking for an interviewee, want advice from somebody with eight years experience, awesome, I’m more than happy to help.

Please though, do not contact me looking for an ‘agree-ance’ with something you are already writing, and looking for further evidence to support.

I respect what you do, so hopefully you can respect that integrity is very important to me, and if I don’t agree with something you’re writing, I cannot agree with you simply to support a point of view from a piece of your work.

If this is the case, I hope you can spin my opinion into a good counterargument for your work; Providing a little less bias and a more total view of the situation.

Thank you for your understanding.



Or ‘Sales Guys.’ Much as I know you hate that term…

I run a business, so I know the deal, I can understand that business is largely based on relationships and that you’re looking for new business.

Feel free to reach out, and expect a response from me provided you’re not overly ‘spammy’ in your requests.

Please Do:

  1. Send me stuff for review, or make recommendations to me, just understand that I won’t review or recommend it for monetary gain. I’m only willing to offer up suggestions or reviews for products or services that I really think are of huge value, and no penis-enlargement is not something I think is valuable. That product or service has to be especially useful to my readers or clients for me to recommend it.
  2. I will give testimonials for products and services that I think are worthwhile investments on other websites, but according to the same principles above. I will not accept your money for this service, and prefer to do it out of the goodness of my heart or because you have a killer product or service I think people should really use.

Please Don’t:

  1. Expect me to purchase something from you, then review or recommend it, or offer advertising space to you. I do not advertise on any of my web properties.
  2. Offer me affiliate marketing options, I don’t do affiliate marketing presently, nothing against you, just a personal choice. (Excluding: book recommendations)
  3. Spam me with multiple requests for something I told you I wouldn’t review or recommend or trying different sales tactics or angles several times, after you’ve either been told no, or been ignored. If I’m ignoring you, you were probably spammy!



It’s cool for you to reach out to me.

Honestly I appreciate it, it’s starting to show that 2 years of blogging has not gone un-noticed, as I’m generating a lot of new traffic in recent months and gain subscribers to my newsletter daily.

Please continue to do so, I love hearing new ideas, thoughts, discovering new and interesting blogs to check out.

I also like meeting new people and getting feedback on the things I’m working on, it allows me to grow.

Please Do:

  1. Continue to be friendly and sincere.
  2. Ask me to write guest posts (time permitting, sometimes I just don’t have the time, but I mean well!)
  3. Offer to write guest posts as they relate to quality of life, or weight loss. Details will be covered below.
  4. Offer to send me products or services to review. No I won’t pay for them just because you asked (unless you’re somebody I already know and trust), but I will give my honest opinion and recommend it, or write a blog post about it, if I think it truly kicks ass and is relevant to AofWL readers or Fettle Clients.

Please Do Not:

  1. Solicit me with requests for advertising space, I do not monetize my blog or my website with advertising. It’s not you, it’s just a principle thing and I make my money by focusing on being a coach and working on my business; Blogging is more of an outlet for me and way to connect with people.
  2. Offer me affiliate program money, presently I don’t do affiliate marketing; Though this may change, please don’t take it as anything against you, it’s just my choice at the moment. (Excluding: book recommendations)
  3. Spam me with multiple requests, doing more of something, probably won’t get my attention the fourth or fifth time.
  4. Take offence if I don’t get back to you immediately! I genuinely try to at least get back to everybody; Even people who are obviously using some sort of script and have no clue what my blog or business are about.

Blog Post Submission


Honestly, my experiences with guest blogging are brief at this moment in time, but the biggest thing that turns me off to the idea is making it too complicated.

Here are my basic rules:

  1. Please double check and make sure you’re
  2. Submit your article in Google Docs Format by sharing it with me and give me permissions for full access to the document (edit permissions, etc…).
  3. This is a free option, which is why I chose it, and you won’t have to worry about submitting raw html, a word document, a pages document, an rts document or anything else really specific like that.
  4. It’s a good option for me because Google also allows you to export raw html (and many other formats) from Google Docs, which can be very useful sometimes.
  5. It is also cloud-based, and I do a lot of my work in the cloud.
  6. If you don’t have a google account, you can sign up for Google Docs here. Note: It will also sign you up for google in general, and google drive (which is essentially a significant upgrade for google docs.)
  7. You should be able to upload any images into your document with the toolbar or simply by dragging and dropping them into the document. Please know that you are assuming responsibility for their submission, so ideally they are Creative Commons, taken yourself or royalty-free images.
  8. You should also be able to at least put in embed codes into a document for any video you would like.
  9. Please understand that I will most likely slightly edit and reformat whatever you write so as to suit the dimensions of my blog.
  10. I may also add my own insights into certain pieces of text.
  11. I will generally be back and forth with you before I publish it, just to make sure it’s mostly how you want it to be. I try to be as professional and understanding as I can here.
  12. Get in contact with me via my [email protected] email address, if you’re interested, and feel free to send along drafts.
  13. Oh, and I don’t require ‘exclusive rights‘ to the content, or anything; Feel free to post it to other blogs, just please do so AFTER I publish it to AofWL, thanks!