Kaizen is traditionally a Japanese Model of management.

We know, a lot of companies say they are ‘Kaizen’ so we really only want to focus on continuous improvement, which is basically the literal translation of Kaizen.

We are constantly seeking growth, wisdom and short feedback cycles.

Why wait for an annual or quarterly reports?

Why insist upon annual reviews?

We continually measure what is important to us and we want constant cycles of improvement.

Waiting 3 months for the data means we’re slow and cumbersome.

Giving someone feedback after a years worth of work, means we’ve most likely forgot what they did great at or did poorly at 8 months ago.

If something frustrates us, we communicate that frustration and work towards fixing it immediately, not after the next budget meeting.

If we see an opportunity, we grab it, we don’t write a proposal for a committee.

Be agile, seize the moment, contribute consistently, and flourish.

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