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**$5000 only available in our upcoming Body Transformation Contest:

$99 $49 per month (Same great results – 1/3rd 1/6th of our cheapest one-on-one monthly cost!)

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Don’t like it when companies don’t list their prices?

Neither do we.

Currently we conduct one hour, one-on-one training sessions at an exclusive location in Downtown Vancouver.

Testing the waters? Try a one-off session.

The cost for a Single 1 Hour Session = $85 + HST       Buy Now

This could be a functional movement assessment, a body composition assessment, a way to test the waters or just a way to get started.

All of our packages are geared around at least a three month commitment process.

This is not really a commitment to us, but a commitment to yourself.

In our experience this is the absolute minimum amount of time it takes to reveal noticeable and lasting changes.

We’re all about teaching people how to fish for themselves, so in an even more ideal world, we’d love that commitment to be more like six months, especially if you’re relatively new to fitness and nutrition.

Gift Certificates

Please note that any of the items you purchase online will be essentially considered as gift certificates until redemption.


In our humble opinion best results come from a minimum of two times per week if you are seeking an education in fitness and nutrition.

The Group Training option above presents the best value for you presently, but we also want you to choose the option that’s best for you on an individual level.

Some of our clients do not live in the Vancouver, Lower Mainland area and do long-distance coaching with us, this is a program we intend to expand upon come 2013 as we launch an online Body Transformation Contest using our proprietary software Koachable.

With new advents in technology we believe we can impact more people around the world, without a significant drop off in from our one-on-one results, and at a better price to you the consumer.

We also believe in a graduated program delivery, meaning we want to wean you off us and make you more capable, more autonomous, and more self-reliant.

For some people this may only be 6 months, for others several years, but it’s always in the back of our minds as we work with you and develop more programs to cater to your needs.

We make a concentrated effort to make you more comfortable and confident in a gym environment and the kitchen.

Best case scenario is that you go and teach others what we have taught you.

If, however, you want to keep us in the game for programming advice, or for more intermediate and advanced training, we’re happy to stay by your side too.

This is where many of our one-time per week training clients are at.

We are constantly striving to be better at what we do, so there is always something we have to offer to anybody at any level.

Keep an eye on our blog for all the stuff we continue to learn and share.